The PMI SFA utilizes five greenhouses, each with a nominal floor space of 1500 ft2 and independent environmental controls. The control system includes heating, cooling, shade curtain, growth lights, and roof vent. High intensity LED growth lights are arranged in three of the greenhouse, while the other two have 1000W high pressure sodium lamps to provide supplemental lightning as needed. Temperature control is achieved using a chilled water/mechanical cooling system and steam heat designed for temperature control ± 5°C. The control system includes an outdoor weather station complete with sensor inputs for precipitation detection, solar radiation, air temperature, humidity, wind speed, and wind direction. A drip irrigation system featuring an in-line fertigation system is included in each greenhouse. The system can currently accommodate 5–8,000 plants in 4 in. pots. Over 3,000 ft2 of head-house provides space for plant/soil preparations and includes a root washing station, sink/casework, and shelving.