PMI News

 The 2018 Genomic Sciences Program Annual Principal Investigator (PI) Meeting

Held at the Sheraton Tysons Hotel, Tysons, VA, February 25-28, 2018.

Posters presented:

Weston et al., Developing a synthetic community system to test preferential allocation to nitrogen-fixing bacteria. 

Rojas et al., Dissecting the compatibiligy and diversity of the mycobiome of Populus trichocarpa.

Veach et al., the contribution of host chemotype as a driver of rhizosphere microbial community structure.

Aufrecht et al., Emerging analytical techniques fro controlling and monitoring architectural changes in developing multi-kingdom systems.

Blair et al., Characterization of natural products from the Populus microbiome

Morrell-Falvey et al., Characterization of IAA biosynthesis pathways in Populus-associated microbes.

Looney et al., the key fungal lineage of the Russulaceae, a new resource for untangling and linking beneficial plant-fungal associations and ecosystem functions.

Kalluri et al., Altered root metabolome composition impacts microbiome composition in Populus PdKOR1 RNAi plants.

Jones et al., AI-GWAPA, explainable AI-based approaches to genome wide phytobiome association.

Garcia et al., Phytobiome and transcriptional adaptation of Populus deltoides to acute progressive drought and cyclic drought.

Hettich et al., Developments in integrated omics to link microbail metabolism to community structure/function in plant-microbial systems.

Chen et al., Genetic mapping and genomic sequencing identify a lectin receptor-like kinase as a regulator of Populus-Laccaria bicolor interaction.