Kelley, B. R., et al., 2018. Current Protocols in Microbiology

Isolation and Whole-Genome Sequencing of Environmental Campylobacter

Brittni R. Kelley, J. Christopher Ellis, Dough Hyatt, Dan Jacobson, and Jeremiah Johnson
25 October 2018, Current Protocols in Microbiology Volume 51, Issue 1: e64;  doi: 10.1002/cpmc.64


As a leading cause of bacterial‐derived gastroenteritis worldwide, Campylobacter has a significant impact on human health.  In the developed world, most campylobacteriosis cases are attributed to the consumption of undercooked, contaminated poultry; however, it has been shown that Campylobacter can be transmitted to humans through contaminated water and other types of food, including beef and milk.  As such, high‐resolution microbial source‐tracking is essential for health department officials to determine the source(s) of Campylobacter outbreaks.  For these reasons, this protocol provides the techniques needed for isolation of Campylobacter from agricultural and environmental sources, as well as human clinical specimens. Additionally, we describe a simple method for preparing high‐quality genomic DNA that can be used for wholegenome sequencing and downstream bioinformatics analyses of Campylobacter genotypes.


Kelley, B. R., J. C. Ellis, D. Hyatt, D. Jacobson and J. Johnson (2018). “Isolation and Whole-Genome Sequencing of Environmental Campylobacter.” Current protocols in microbiology 51(1): e64.

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