The PMI project deploys instrumentation, greenhouses, computers, and other assets, to carry out the research proposed. Established and proposed protocols and workflows connect these assets with the science. These efforts cut across the entire PMI project and are embedded within the individual objectives and tasks. Thus, developments and enhancements in these arenas are usually driven by specific science questions. A critical need within these cross-cutting approaches is the necessity to keep them state-of-the-art and engage the next level of enhancement that will not only deliver higher quality science but also forge new approaches to enable previously inaccessible research activities. Below, we outline some of these activities and capabilities.

APPL The Advanced Plant Phenotyping Laboratory (APPL) is a unique plant phenotyping system at ORNL. It provides high-resolution data to accelerate fundamental science investigations—connecting genotypes to phenotypes and offers one of the most diverse suites of imaging capabilities for plant phenotyping worldwide. Integrating these capabilities with the wealth of genomic data on plants and microbes enables new avenues for scientific discovery.

Mass Spec


Growth Chambers and Tissue Culture

Zeiss LSM710 confocal microscope