Jun, S-R. et al., 2015. BMC Research Notes

PanFP: Pangenome-based functional profiles for microbial communities.

Se-Ran Jun, Michael S. Robeson, Loren J Hauser, Christopher W. Schadt, and Andrey A. Gorin
2015 July 04 BMC Research Notes


The software called PanFP (Pangenome-based functional profile) is a tool to predict functional composition of microbial communities based on communities survey data which builds a pangenome for each OTU and assigns the pangenome’s functional profile to the OTU. For microbial communities for which metagenomes are not available, the PanFP would provide new ways to study complex ecosystems comparative functional metatgnomes and metadata analysis statistically highlighting the most overpresented biological annotation and which functions are critical between environmental samples.