Klingeman, D. M. et al., 2015. Genome Announcements

Draft Genome Sequences of Four Streptomyces Isolates from the Populus trichocarpa Root Endosphere and Rhizosphere

Dawn M. Klingeman, Sagar Utturkar, Tse-Yuan S. Lu, Christopher W. Schadt, Dale A. Pelletier, and Steven D. Brown
12 November 2015, Genome Announcements 3(6): e01344-15; DOI: 10.1128/genomeA.01344-15


Draft genome sequences for four Actinobacteria from the genus Streptomyces are presented. Streptomyces is a metabolically diverse genus that is abundant in soils and has been reported in association with plants. The strains described in this study were isolated from the Populus trichocarpa endosphere and rhizosphere.


Klingeman DM, Utturkar S, Lu T-YS, Schadt CW, Pelletier DA, Brown SD. 2015. Draft genome sequences of four Streptomyces isolates from the Populus trichocarpa root endosphere and rhizosphere. Genome Announc 3(6):e01344-15. doi:10.1128/genomeA.01344-15.

Supporting Information

Nucleotide sequence Accession numbers:
LJCU00000000LJCV00000000LJCW00000000, and LJCX00000000 for strains OK006, OK074, OV450, and OV320, respectively. The versions described in this report are the first versions, LJCU01000000LJCV01000000LJCW01000000, and LJCX01000000