Khalid, M., et al., 2020. Wiley’s Imaging and Microscopy Journal

Nano-enabled chemical imaging

Muneeba Khalid, Mitchel J. Doktycz, and Scott T. Retterer
12 May 2020, Wiley Imaging and Microscopy Journal;  doi:


A deeper understanding of complex biological systems demands spatial and temporal profiling of the chemical signals and metabolites that drive organization and function. Conventional chemical imaging technologies often rely on destructive techniques for sampling, preventing ongoing tracking of biological systems over time. This article illuminates a path forward for non-destructively imaging chemical information within the microenvironment of complex living systems through space and time.


Khalid, M., Doktycz, M. J., and Retterer, S. T.  2020.  Nano-enabled chemical imaging.  Wiley Imaging and Microscopy Journal – Wiley Analytical Science,

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