Labbé, J., et al., 2019. Nature Plants

Mediation of plant-mycorrhizal interaction by a lectin receptor-like kinase

Wellington Muchero, Olaf Czarnecki, Juan Wang, Xiaoping Wang, Anthony Bryan, Kaijie Zheng, Yongil Yang, Meng Xie, Jin Zhang, Dongfang Wang, Pater Meidl, Hemeng Wang, Jennifer L. Morrell-Falvey, Kevin R. Cope, Lucas G. S. Maia, Jean-Michel Ané, Ritesh Mewalal, Sara S. Jawdy, Lee E. Gunter, WEndy Schackwitz, Joel Martin, François Le Tacon, Ting Li, Zhihao Zhang, Priya Ranjan, Erika Lindquist, Xiaohan Yang, Daniel A. Jacobson, Timothy J. Tschaplinski, Kerrie Barry, Jeremy Schmutz, Jin-Gui Chen, and Gerald A. Tuskan
08 July 2019, Nature Plants 5(7): 676-680; doi: 10.1038/s41477-019-0469-x


The molecular mechanisms underlying mycorrhizal symbioses, the most ubiquitous and impactful mutualistic plant–microbial interaction in nature, are largely unknown.  Through genetic mapping, resequencing and molecular validation, we demonstrate that a G-type lectin receptor-like kinase (lec-RLK) mediates the symbiotic interaction between Populus and the ectomycorrhizal fungus Laccaria bicolor.  This finding uncovers an important molecular step in the establishment of symbiotic plant–fungal associations and provides a molecular target for engineering beneficial mycorrhizal relationships.


Labbé, J., W. Muchero, O. Czarnecki, J. Wang, X. Wang, A. C. Bryan, K. Zheng, Y. Yang, M. Xie, J. Zhang, D. Wang, P. Meidl, H. Wang, J. L. Morrell-Falvey, K. R. Cope, L. G. S. Maia, J.-M. Ané, R. Mewalal, S. S. Jawdy, L. E. Gunter, W. Schackwitz, J. Martin, F. Le Tacon, T. Li, Z. Zhang, P. Ranjan, E. Lindquist, X. Yang, D. A. Jacobson, T. J. Tschaplinski, K. Barry, J. Schmutz, J.-G. Chen and G. A. Tuskan (2019). “Mediation of plant–mycorrhizal interaction by a lectin receptor-like kinase.” Nature Plants 5(7): 676-680.

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