Sawyer, C., et al. 2021. Fungal Genomics & Biology

Small RNAs at the interface of the Plant-Fungal Interactions

Cole R. Sawyer and Jessy L. Labbé
11 January 2021, Fungal Genomics & Biology 11(1): 166; no doi available


Fungi and plants interact in a myriad of ways. These interactions range from mutualism to parasitism, and yet, many plant species appear to use similar tools to deal with both. One recent observation is the role that small RNAs play in mediating the conversation between plant and fungus. Increasingly, many studies demonstrate these RNAs are pivotal modulators, reprogramming gene expression and cellular processes essential to the biogenesis of these inter-kingdom relationships.


Sawyer CR, Labbé JL (2021) Small RNAs at the Interface of the Plant-Fungal Interactions. Fungal Genom Biol. 11:166

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